Get your vehicle registration certificate amended

Do not forget as a vehicle owner, your data in the vehicle license to adapt, if they make an insurance exchange.

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Get your vehicle registration certificate amended.

If you change your car insurer, the details need to be updated in your vehicle registration certificate. In order to avoid any inconvenience or problems, you should check that "Basler" is already entered as the insurer in Section 9 of your vehicle registration certificate. If the only change being made to the vehicle registration certificate is the insurer, then this can be done up to two months in advance.

This is what you need to do:

  • Order an electronic insurance certificate (eVn) directly online at
  • Take the original vehicle registration certificate to your cantonal vehicle licensing office and request the relevant amendment. - Different fees apply for this change, depending on the particular vehicle licensing office.
  • Please note that the electronic insurance certificate is only available at your licensing authority for 30 days after ordering.
We will send you your personal insurance certificate directly to your cantonal licensing office electronically via the clearing centre of the Federal Vehicle Inspection Office's (EFKO) motor vehicle information system (Mofis).

Don't forget to make the relevant amendment

If your previous insurer informs your vehicle licensing office of the termination of your previous liability insurance and you have not yet made the change in your vehicle registration certificate, legal proceedings may be initiated against you for a lack of insurance cover! The legal proceedings can only be terminated by making a change in the vehicle registration certificate, handing in your licence plates or submitting an insurance certificate from your previous insurer.

Why do I need the insurance certificate?

The electronic insurance certificate (eVn) is the confirmation that the insurer, i.e. Baloise Insurance, has to submit to the licensing authority under Art. 68 para. 1 SVG. For the owner and for the licensing authority, the certificate confirms (provides proof) that the insurer is providing the legally required liability cover.

Please note that the insurance certificate is not your insurance policy

The insurance certificate should not be confused with the green insurance card or your insurance policy; these documents will not be accepted by the licensing authorities.

If you have any further questions about car insurance, please take a look at our FAQ page.

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