Compulsory driving with daytime running lights

Remember, from 1 January 2014 all vehicles in Switzerland must be driven with their lights on during the day as well as at night-time. You can either use dipped headlights or daytime running lights in newer vehicles.

Via Sicura - compulsory vehicle lighting from 1 January 2014

More light - more safety: Driving with your lights on during the day becomes mandatory as of 1 January 2014.

Daytime running lights

Please note:

  • Always drive with your lights on.
  • All motor vehicles which have lights that automatically turn on when the vehicle is started already comply with this provision.
  • All cars and vans manufactured since 2011 are equipped with daytime running lights.
  • Other motor vehicles manufactured since 2012 are also equipped with daytime running lights.
  • In older motor vehicles, dipped headlights suffice as daytime running lights.
  • Vintage vehicles or vehicles approved before 1970 are exempt from this daytime running lights regulation.
  • Can you just get into your vehicle, turn on the lights and that's it? No: Anyone using daytime running lights should remember that in the dark or in tunnels dipped headlights must always be turned on.[PLACE HOLDER]

Tips for driving with your lights on

Anyone wanting to save power when driving an older vehicle may install daytime running lights retroactively as they are weaker than dipped headlights and consume less energy. In the process, however, the regulations for positioning and vehicle mass must be complied with. Technically adept people can easily do this themselves; laymen should contact a professional to carry out the work.

For vehicles that are not already equipped with daytime running lights, it is recommended that the dipped headlights or daytime running lights retroactively fitted (where applicable) be coupled directly with the engine. In this way, they will be turned on automatically when the vehicle is started.

Daytime lights are more than a legal requirement

Driving with your lights on during the day represents more than just a legal obligation: it contributes to reducing the risk of accidents and increasing your own safety. Anyone driving with lights on during the day is more easily noticed by other vehicles and enables pedestrians and cyclists to assess the distance and speed of approaching vehicles better.

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What is "Via Sicura"?

Fewer fatalities and casualties on Swiss roads. That is the objective of Via Sicura, an action programme for more road safety initiated by the federal government.

TCS tests daytime running lights for retrofitting

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