Five areas of dispute between tenants and landlords

Five disputes and why the legal protection insurance on the subject of living is relevant.

Five areas of dispute between tenants and landlords

Renting is a very successful model, although it regularly leads to disputes between landlords and tenants regarding the issue of "Who covers the costs?". We highlight five frequent areas of dispute and demonstrate why legal expenses insurance is relevant to rented accommodation.

Conflict 1: The landlord increases the rent


Conflict 2: The landlord issues an excessively high bill for utilities

Additional costs

Conflict 3: The landlord charges additional costs for cleaning the apartment when the tenant moves out

Cleansing fee

Conflict 4: The landlord charges the tenant high repair costs

Repair costs

Conflict 5: The landlord keeps the deposit even after the tenant has moved out


There are three insurance models available to provide protection against contractual violations and damage relating to the topic of "Accommodation & renting". Legal expenses insurance is of particular relevance for the examples listed here.

Legal expenses insurance

With a legal expenses insurance policy, you have access to legal assistance if you cannot resolve an issue on which you disagree with your landlord. Legal clarifications in the event of questionable rent increases, bills for high utility costs and special repair costs are included as standard. The legal experts from the insurance company analyse the facts, help to resolve the disagreements and, if appropriate, initiate legal action. You are also provided with financial security in the event of a lawsuit, as the high legal fees involved are covered by the insurance.

In an upcoming second article on the topic of "Accommodation & renting", we will look at the question of who has to pay for damage in the apartment – and what insurance policies are relevant in that context.

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