Motorists beware: new rules in force from 1 January!

Less deaths and injuries on Swiss roads - that is the destination of Via sicura, the federal program for more road safety-

Safer roads thanks to Via sicura

Fewer fatalities and injuries on Swiss roads – that is the aim of Via sicura, the federal programme designed to increase road safety. The measures are being introduced in stages. As of 1 January 2014, four important changes now apply:

Swiss roads

A complete ban on alcohol for certain groups of people

The new 0.01% blood-alcohol limit applies to professional drivers, new drivers with a probationary licence, learner drivers, driving instructors and those accompanying learner drivers. Essentially, this represents a complete ban on alcohol. The blood-alcohol level of 0.05% continues to apply to all other people.
 Be a role model for young drivers - if you drive, don't drink!

Lights on – even during the day

All motor vehicles and motorcycles must now drive with their lights on even during the day. This does not apply to mopeds, electric bikes or bicycles, or to vehicles manufactured before 1970. Disregarding the mandatory use of lights during the day risks a fine of 40 Swiss francs. Anyone who owns a new car is at an advantage here, as they are equipped with automatic daytime running lights. But beware: the low beam lights must be switched on in the evening and in tunnels, even in new cars.

At the start of every journey, remember: "Engine on, lights on!"

A claims history statement can help you save on premiums

If you want to change your motor vehicle liability insurance, you can now request a so-called claims history or no-claims statement from your previous insurer. Anyone who has had few claims in the last five years will benefit from cheaper premiums with their new insurer.

Practice anticipatory driving and save on your premiums!

Vehicle owners to pay fines

In future, any fines will be paid by the owner of the vehicle if it is not possible to identify the perpetrator of a traffic offence. It is now no longer possible to rely on the right to refuse to give evidence against family members.

Think carefully about who you lend your car to!

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