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FAQs about motorcycle insurance

Here you will find answers to the questions that other visitors to our site have already asked.

1. Can I just take out third party liability insurance for my motorcycle/scooter?

No, you cannot arrange a pure third party liability policy online without part or fully comprehensive cover.

baloisedirect.ch offers motorcycle insurance in the following two packages:
Part cover package = third party liability insurance- + fire and theft cover
Fully comprehensive package = third party liability insurance- + fire and theft cover + collision insurance.

2. Which motorcycles can I insure with baloisedirect?

You can insure scooters in Category A1 from 50cm3 up to125cm3 and motorcycles in Category A online.

You cannot insure small motorcycles in Category M/A1, quad bikes or trikes in Category A1/B online.

If you need to insure a small motorcycle, quad bike or trike, please contact us.

3. Can I also take out insurance for minors who drive a motorbike that is permitted
from the age of 16?

Yes. However, the policyholder must be an adult. The minor can be shown as the main driver.

4. Can I also insure a motorcycle with a company as the policyholder?

Yes. You simply need to state the company as the policyholder. You can take out a policy to cover one named driver or several drivers.

5. Is there a maximum list price for motorcycle insurance?

The maximum list price (original price of your motorcycle) is CHF 50,000 and comprises the motorcycle plus accessories.

In addition, the accessories must not comprise more than 50% of the total list price.

If your motorcycle including accessories has a total value of more than CHF 50,000, please contact us. We would be delighted to give you an individual offer.

6. Can I relinquish my number plate during winter?

If you hand over your number plate to the Vehicle Licensing Office in winter, your insurance will be suspended during this time. However, we will charge you an administration fee of CHF 30.-  when you re-license it.

7. Can I choose my own garage for repairs?

Yes. You are free to choose any garage to repair damage to your vehicle.

8. Can I adjust my deductible myself?

No. The deductible amounts are as follows and cannot be individually adapted:

Third party:                     CHF         0.-
Part cover:                      CHF    300.-
Fully comprehensive:  CHF 1,000.-

9. Are there partner garages where the deductible is lower?

No. There are no partner garages for motorcycle insurance. In the event of a claim, you are free to choose the garage you use.

10. Can I insure my classic Vespa online?

No. Your motorcycle/scooter cannot be more than 30 years old in general or, with fully comprehensive insurance, no more than 15 years old.

If you would like to insure an older motorcycle, please contact us. We would be delighted to give you an individual offer.

11. I ride two different motorcycles. Can I take out an insurance policy with an interchangeable licence plate for both my motorcycles?

No. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to calculate the premium for both motorcycles online.

Please arrange a call back to discuss this. Our staff will then prepare a personal quote for the two motorcycles for you.

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